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Missing Małgorzata Wnuczek. This is appeal from her mother and daugther. Please shared this

Missing Małgorzata Wnuczek. This is appeal from her mother and daugther. Please shared this

Margaret Wnuczek went missing on May 30, 2006 in Leicester in the UK

She was 27 years

Margaret, a young blonde, she moved to Britain, as many of our countrymen to work. Here in Poland was her daughter, Aleksandra and she wait until her parents take Alex to Great Britain. Margaret 30 May 2005 did not return home from work. Concerned family reported her missing. British police did a lot to come across some important detail, trace. Today on YouTube posted a video with Alex, who asks her mother to finally returned home to her. Lost desperately searching her parents, who can not accept that their daughter does not give signs of life. The only ray is their granddaughter. She gives them the strength to get up every day and hope to wait for a slightest clue. Press conference with Margaret parents and Leicestershire police, which took place in 2009 - an appeal to a wide audience in the UK does not produce the expected results.
Gretel is a person still misiing and searching by her closest family.

Everyone who joined in the search for probably asking themselves the question whether this beautiful, intelligent girl, she left England, and for some reason can not contact his family?


Police in Leicester has set a reward for information that will help solve the mystery of the disappearance five years ago, Margaret Grandson ...
Andrzej Mariusz Szumiło, Polish journalist from portal "Polscott 'claims that the police, both British and Polish, committed in the disappearance of Margaret Grandson many omissions, and in some cases has even compromised Police ...

Let's go back a few years ago now. In year 2004 Darius Grandson, husband of Margaret and father of Aleksandra, come to England. He managed to find a permanent job in Leicester. After the year take his wife and his daughter to UK. Margaret and Darius friends living in Poland say that married life did not appear among them best. Darius trip to the British Isles had a to make relationship refresh and take him out into new directions. And so it happened so much that shortly - not half a year has passed and the relationship ended in separation. Margaret drove her daughter to the Polish, to Inowrocław, where her parents live, and left Alex there, then returned to England. She lives in Milton Keynes, a town between Birmingham and London, later moved to Leicester. Before she disappeared, she visit her daughter twice in Inowrocław.
It happened on 4 March 2006, on the birthday of Margaret. She was at work, and then it came out and still don't know what happened to her. Margaret's parents reported her disappearance in June in Inowrocław police station. Inowrocław Police contacted the unit in Leicester. In search of a missing woman to appear as true information, that Margaret was seen here or there, but Police verified them negatively.
Police officers from Leicester considered all eventualities, do not exclude the worst of the worst. Officers checked each, even the least reliable information, they searched 26 houses and apartments in Leicester, where for seven months before her disappearance she lived or stayed. As a routine investigative methods did not produce the desired result, police in Leicester decided to use to search the Internet. Police persuaded her parents, to made a movie with her daughter, in which she asks her mother to come back home. Video posted on YouTube, to watch it as the largest number of Internet users. Two years ago, in July, were brought to Leicester Margaret' parents and daughter, accompanied by a Polish policeman, who was there to see the results of the investigation. UK Police downloaded the genetic material from her parents and daughter. This makes easier the possible identification of corpses. Since then Police tested more than 300 unidentified female bodies, but the material obtained from them, not once was consistent with the DNA of Margaret. Therefore, the missing Margaret is still considered alive. Considered, moreover, was and still is the possibility that Margaret may stay in a psychiatric institution, but does not remember her name.

In this time Andrzej Mariusz Szumiło, investigative journalist of Polish Portal in Scotland - "Polscott" believes that the few who wants to find Margaret, so he decided to deal with this matter personally. Also spotted many omissions by the police.
- No one thought about the fact that Margaret moved in seven months 26 times. From who or from what she wanted to hide! Not tested on which sites she was logged, with who she contacted, and there may be some clues, after all it could to lure someone - it is investigating ABC! The police should also check the Internet history of its ex-spouse. Why didn't he went to press conference at which was his daughter and parents and sister? I do not know what cops do, but I think they limited themselves only to check the alibi of Darius. But I think that is a key theme of revenge. I'm sure the answer to what happened to Gretel's grandson on the Internet. The key to the case are the logins, nicknames, and recording of all CCTV cameras on the section-house work. Even these private cameras, "traffic cameras", etc. There must be a trace, could not be dissolved after all! If she got into a car have to know the person is in this car. Why Maggie returned to Poland, what she wanted to tell the family, or what she was afraid to say? Why came back to England? What was the battle for the crumbling marriage? Very curious to me thread about the conflict between Margaret and her mother. And what about guardianship over her daughter? Why was awarded her grandparents, not his father? - Multiplies Szumiło's questions ...

Janusz Mlynarski
translate by mistrz szachownicy-

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